Church Tax

The 5th commandment of the Church states that the faithful are obliged to provide for the material needs of the Church.

Keeping this commandment is done by financially supporting the parish on a regular basis. In our Diocese of Copenhagen the Pastoral Council with the Bishop’s approval recommends that one contributes with 1% of one’s taxable income. Or according to the best of one’s ability.

In our parish here in the Faroe Islands you are strongly encouraged to contribute to the maintenance of the parish with a regular contribution paid into the parish account nr. 9181 150.515.9 at Betri Banka.

TAKS (the Faroese tax authorities) withhold along with the state and city tax, a church tax reserved exclusively for the Faroese Lutheran Church.
Members of the Catholic Church are, of course, not obliged to pay this tax. However, I advise you to check your tax return to see, if you do pay this church tax. If so, have this tax eliminated. You do so by going to the tax office bringing with you a document either from me or from Christian Gabrielsen that confirms your membership in the Catholic Church.

Paul Marx omi,
fmr. parish priest