Church Tax

10.03. 2024 | Congregation life, News

Dear parishioners,

The fifth precept of the Church states that, ”You shall help to provide for the needs of the Church”.

Thanks to financial support from parishioners, you help the church with:
• the upkeep of the church and buildings
• salaries for priests and other employees
• local activities in the parish
• heating of the church building, (religious) instruction, flowers, candles, cleaning, insurance
• starting new initiatives for the sharing of the faith
• helping people in need and Christians in missionary lands

The church tax provides a framework which ensures that the many different functions are financed, and that faith and community thrive in the parish.

The bishop recommends that Catholics pay voluntarily, but we are morally obliged to pay 1% of our tax payable income or according to our capacity.

You can read about about the topic on our church hompeage,, under ”Church Tax”.

We make a heartfelt appeal to all of you to set up a regular payment. You can do this by sending a donation to 9189 – 1505159. This is necessary if we are to function, take care of and develop in the Catholic Church on the Faroes.

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