Lenten Brunch!

12.02. 2024 | Events, News

Several parishes in Denmark began organising a Lenten brunch on the fourth Sunday of Lent in 2019 to strengthen the Lenten collection for Caritas.

This year a Lenten brunch will take place in Mariukirkjan on 10th. March after Sunday Mass.

We suggest that several people in the parish bring food for the table. A list hangs in the foyer of the church where people can write up their names and what they intend bringing. We will also need help to prepare the tables, make tea and coffee, etc.

This year, Caritas is collecting money for 41 isolated schools in Bangladesh where childen are in danger of losing access to their education. We call on all of you to make a donation to Caritas: the wooden collection box will be in a visible place.

I welcome all good suggestions and hope that several of you will enlist to help with the brunch.

On behalf of Caritas,

Rakul, tlf 512844



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