Twenty First Sunday in Ordinary Time

28.08. 2023 | Homily


The readings for the twenty first Sunday in Ordinary Time are available HERE.

First of all, let me thank you for the warm welcome I received during these days from many people in your Catholic community.

As you already know, my whole stay on the Faroe Islands will only be  three weeks long but, also during this first period, I´m not only appreciating the astonishing beauty of the landscape. Visiting these islands, in fact, can truly be a deep spiritual experience because there is an evident reference to the greatness of God everywhere.

Another thing I immediately noticed here is the multitude of children and young people you can see everywhere. On the Faroe Islands there is life! And where there is life, there is also hope and a future!

Now let me tell you something about the Gospel words we have just heard.

The most important question that Jesus puts to the Apostles is: “Who do you think that I am?”

They had all been living with Him for three years. They all knew his way of living, his teachings, his miracles, his deep communion with the Father. But they remain silent; probably because, in that moment, they understand perfectly how important that question is.

Only Peter courageously decides to answer: “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God”. Peter´s answer is absolutely correct and faithful.

But what Jesus replies is even more important: “Blessed are you, for this was not revealed to you by man, but by my Father in heaven”.

Why are these words so important? Because they make us understand that the real, deep and full identity of Christ can be understood not only on a social, historical or physical level, but on a metaphysical one.

In other words: if, as Christians, we think that Jesus was only a great man, a great spiritual teacher and maybe also a great social leader, we have not understood His real identity…

Because also nowadays the world is full of great people, great spiritual teachers and great social leaders. All these people can help us to live better, for sure, but they can´t give us the most important gift that the Christ gave us: Salvation.

And Salvation does not only have to do with our everyday life, but with the eternal life into which we´ll definitely enter one day.

So, the question that was put two thousand years ago to Peter is the same that Jesus puts today to everyone of us.

“Who do you think that I am? Who am I for you?”. Not for history, not for people… But for you! For your life! For the meaning of your life! For your destiny…

Fr. Bruno Mollicone



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