Summer Camp 2023

8.08. 2023 | News, Photos


On Saturday, 5 August, Sr. Florence gathered some of the children and their parents for a Summer Camp in Mariukirkjan. The theme of the day was, “A Family Journey through the Bible”. It began with Mass in Mariukirkjan during which the children sang and Rose, one of the mothers, did the First Reading. Lunch was enjoyed together with Fr. Peter.

Then it was time for play, followed by a bible study which included becoming acquainted with the mothers, fathers and children in the Bible, a video about the Bible and a Bible quiz. Afterwards everyone enjoyed a treasure hunt in the nearby park during which the children led their blindfolded parents and their parents led their blindfolded children in their search for treasure! Then it was time for play and ice-cream, before ending the day with a dinner together, prepared by Louise, one of the mothers.

Thank you to everyone who made the day possible. God bless you!



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