Easter Monday

10.04. 2023 | Homily


Fifteen years ago, Barack Obama lost an important vote in his campaign to become the President of the United States of America. In a moment which seemed really discouraging, he gave a speech including the phrase “Yes we can”. It showed that, despite a significant setback, he believed it was still possible to win the election. That very simple phrase inspired young people to political action and instilled a sense of hope that became part of people’s image of the politician and his values. As we now know, he was right and he won the election.

Today’s first reading is a moment in the history of the Christian religion when someone said Yes we can. It is a speech by the Apostle Peter on the Day of Pentecost, which was the moment the Christian community decided not to stay locked in a room any more. They were scared, but suddenly they felt they had the power to tell the world about Jesus. Peter told the men of Israel that, although they had handed Jesus over to be killed by “men outside the law”, “God raised him to life”. People were amazed to hear him speaking like this, but he told them that, when Jesus was “raised to the heights by God’s right hand”, he had “received from the Father the Holy Spirit”. Peter was certain that his own courage to speak of these things was “the outpouring of that Spirit”.

Many of the prayers the Church uses in this wonderful season mention the sacrament of baptism. Yesterday, you renewed the vows of your own baptism. In baptism, God the Father has given us new birth by water and the Holy Spirit. The Spirit given to Peter is the same Spirit we received in baptism and confirmation. If we ever lack courage in sharing our faith and think we are not able to do the things God asks of us, we can borrow that powerful phrase from the presidential campaign in the United States of America fifteen years ago. Can you do what God asks of you? Can we do what God asks of us? Yes we can!

Fr. Peter




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