Inspiration Day 2023

24.02. 2023 | News, Photos


On Saturday, 18 February, Lutheran pastor and president of the Danish National Committee of the Women´s World Day of Prayer, Ellen Margrethe Gylling, led an Inspiration Day in Mariukirkjan. The day was divided into two parts: a morning session for the Faroese national committee; and an afternoon of reflection open to all women. Many church denominations were represented throughout the day which included talks, sharing, prayer, refreshments and good company!

The theme this year is, “I have heard about your faith” (Ephesians 1: 15 – 19), and has been prepared by the women of Taiwan.

The service for the Women´s World day of Prayer will be held on Friday 3

in KFUK, Tórshavn, at 19.30.hrs

in Emmaus, Klaksvík at 20.00.hrs

and in the Salvation Army, Vágur at 19.30.hrs.

All women are very welcome!




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