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16.09. 2022 | News, Photos

On 20 August, Sr. Florence organised an afternoon in the kindergarten for children from the parish. The afternoon was called “Book Party”! Each child was invited to bring along a favourite book and tell the others why they liked it. Then their attention was turned to another book: the Bible. They spent time searching for Scripture quotations, and colouring pictures of same. The also prayed the Rosary together, and had time to play and eat!

On Tuesday, 23 August, several parishioners had the joy of seeing Hanus Norðberg being received into the Catholic Church. During the liturgy, which took place in the convent, “Kerit”, Hanus received the Sacraments of Confirmation and Holy Communion. Afterwards he enjoyed a festive dinner in “Kerit”. We congratulate Hanus, and pray that he goes ever stronger in faith.

On Sunday, 4 September, the music group, Norðan, comprising of German harpist, Thomas Loefke, and Faroese violinist, Angelika Hansen, performed a beautiful concert of meditative music in Mariukirkjan.


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