Christmas Homily

27.12. 2021 | Prayer

The Gospel we have heard tonight (Midnight Mass) is one of the most famous stories in the world. In Christian countries, it is probably the most famous story, and for us it is much more than any other story. The Gospel told us when Jesus was born, where it happened, and who was involved in this amazing event. I have not been here very long, but I have a strong impression that there is great respect for the Christian religion among Faroese people, even those that do not believe in Jesus Christ. It used to be like that in my home country, England, but the culture there has changed since I was a boy. Now it is very common to meet young people and children who have no idea why we celebrate Christmas. It could happen here, too. I hope not, but we cannot look very far into the future.

It is very important to hear the story as it has been told for nearly two thousand years. We have just listened to it, but how many of the details can we remember, even a few minutes after hearing it? I want to suggest a way of holding on to what is important in the way Saint Luke’s Gospel tells us about the birth of Jesus. I think the best way is to remember who was involved, and to focus on them. The main characters are Joseph, Mary, the shepherds and the angels.

To reflect on the Christmas story, download:  Homily at Midnight Mass 2021, pdf



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