Sinnopskornið: Christmas 2021

22.12. 2021 | News


A few thoughts from Fr. Peter´s Christmas reflection:

“When St. Francis of Assisi created the first Christmas crib during the Christmas of 1223 in the forest near Greccio, it was with a clear intention: “I want to set before our bodily eyes the hardships of his infant needs, how he lay in the manger, how with an ox and ass standing by he lay upon the hay”. He proclaimed the message of a compassionate God in whom the oppressed and the poor can seek refuge again…


A German mystic called Angelus Silesius (born 25 December 1624) wrote some short verses about the crib. It is worth thinking about them:

  • If Christ were born in Bethlehem a thousand times and not in thee thyself; then thou art lost eternally

  • All things are now reversed. The castle is the cave. The crib becomes the throne, the night brings forth the day. The Virgin bears a Child.

  • If only your heart would become a crib, God would once again become a child on this earth.


To read the complete Christmas reflection from Fr. Peter, download here:   Sinnopskornið: Christmas 2021




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