Eat Together

1.06. 2021 | News


This event is cancelled due to the current situation in the country regarding Covid. During the coming week, when this event would have taken place, let us be extra attentive in helping each other in situations of loneliness.


Dear parishioners

Caritas Danmark, which is engaged in the movement to combat loneliness, is organizing a week long event called “EAT TOGETHER”  in week 23 (7-13. June)

We, in Mariukirkjan, wish to support this event and get to know each other better, maybe getting to know or visit someone whom we don´t know very well. Everyone is welcome to participate, including people who are not members of our parish.

For the hosts: It is up to each host to decide what you organize. It is not a competition, so if you are limited in how many people you can invite, that is no problem. It is possible to invite people to a simple meal, or something different, eg. a walk together, and then hope that someone responds.

Let me know if you can organize something, preferably before on Sunday, 6th June. I will hang a schedule up in the church entrance on Sunday morning and circulate it on the internet.

Participants notify the host directly if they wish to come as it is easier. Just contact the host to know if there are any places left. If all the allocated places are full, then the host will let me know and I will note it on the schedule. I will find a way to share the updated schedule once a day with those who are interested in participating and can share it with others.

I have a suggestion for a schedule for display. Please see the attached file:  YVIRLIT-YVIR-eta-saman

With best wishes

Rakul Guðjónsson, representative for Caritas Danmark in the Faroe Islands

Tlf: 512844   –   Teldupost:


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