Celebrating 90 years with the Parish

26.05. 2021 | News, Photos

On Sunday, 23rd May, Pentecost Sunday, the Franciscan Sisters (Franciscan Missionaries of Mary) celebrated the 90th anniversary of their arrival on the Faroe Islands.

A solemn Mass was celebrated in Mariukirkjan with parish priest, Fr. Peter Fleetwood, as celebrant. He preached in Danish and English.

At the beginning of Mass, Sisters Cecilia, Louisa, Marisa, Maria and Florence carried in symbols which were placed in front of the altar. Sharon, a former student of our Franciscan sisters in India, read out a short commentary.

Sister Florence read the first reading in French while Sr. Marisa read the second reading in Faroese. Faroese parishioner, Hanna, read the intercessory prayers.

The music was provided by musicians, Ari (organ), Ole Jakob (flute), Annette (violin) and Raymund (guitar).

At the end of Mass, Sr. Maria gave a short talk in English about the Franciscan Sisters: their history, mission around the world, and the source of  their inspiration and faith. You can read it here:  Who are the Franciscan Sisters? What do you know about them?

After Mass, parishioners joined the sisters in Kerit for a festive church coffee.

A special word of thank to Saviour Mifsud for the photography, and to the many generous parishioners who prepared delicious food!

Visit this link to see more photos of the celebration: Saviour Mifsud Photography – 90 Years Anniversary of the Sisters


Learn more about the history of the Catholic Church on the Faroes at the following link:  The Catholic Church in the Faroes


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