Statement about the Covid vaccine

31.12. 2020 | News

The Vatican Covid-19 Commission and the Pontifical Academy for Life issue a joint 20-point paper addressing the issues and priorities arising at the various stages of a vaccine journey, from research and development to patents and commercial exploitation, including approval, distribution and administration.

The paper reiterates the critical role of vaccines to defeat the pandemic, not just for individual personal health, but to protect the health of all. The Vatican Commission and the Pontifical Academy of Life remind world leaders that vaccines must be provided to all fairly and equitably, prioritizing those most in need.

Echoing Pope Francis ’recent Urbi et Orbi Christmas Message, it calls on world leaders to resist the temptation to participate in “vaccine nationalism”, urging nations and companies to cooperate – not compete – with each other.


The Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith released a statement on the ethics of the vaccines for Covid.You can read the full text here:   Vatican´s doctrinal congregation on ethics of Covid vaccines: Looks at duty to pursue common good.


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