Advent 2020

23.11. 2020 | News

For the moment, there will be two Masses each Sunday, to allow people to come to Mass without the fear of being packed too tightly when there is still a risk of transmission of the COVID-19 virus. The second Mass will be at 4p.m. each Sunday. This is a decision the church council made in October, one we can review if it seems to be no longer necessary.

During Advent, Fr. Peter will give a series of talks on the themes of Advent at 19.30.hrs. here Mariukirkjan. The talks are in English. Everybody is welcome.

30. November:  Company for the journey: Advent with John the Baptist and Mary, the Mother of God – 2020 Advent talk 1  (pdf download)

 7. December:  The prophecies about the Messiah – 2020 Advent talk 2 Messianic Prophecies  (pdf download)

14. December:  Wisdom and music from the monks about Jesus, the Messiah
21. December:  Magical days before Christmas


More information: SINNOPSKORNIÐ: ADVENT 2020 (pdf. download)



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