Celebrating Bishop Kozon´s 25th. anniversary

24.04. 2020 | News


On Tuesday, 7th. May, it will be 25 years since Czeslaw Kozon became bishop of the Diocese of Copenhagen (Faroe Islands, Greenland and Denmark). The occasion was to have been celebrated with Mass in Saint Ansgar´s Cathedral, followed by a reception, on Wednesday, 8th. May, but this has had to be postponed until later due to the present circumstances.

However, we can still celebrate this special occasion by:

  •  saying a special prayer for Bishop Kozon on 7th. May
  •  sending him a greeting via his office
  •  giving him a gift by way of a donation to one of the three charities to be found at this link.


Sådan kan du være med til at fejre biskoppens jubilæum



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