KATÓLSKA KIRKJAN, Tórshavn, Føroyar  (Faroe Islands)

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(Church Tax)



Both in Luke’s gospel and Paul’s first letter to the Church in Corinth we are made aware of the truth that all followers of Jesus Christ are stewards of God’s household. What does this mean? When God created man, He commanded that they be masters of His creation (Gen.1,28-30). In other words, creation is a gift and responsibility God gave man commanding him to administer it according to the mind of the Creator. Man does not own creation but is only its steward and must give an account of his stewardship (Luk.12, 42-48). Proper stewardship of God’s creation means that man uses it exclusively for the praise, glory and worship of God. Awareness of this truth is basic to the proper use of money. This brings me to the question of using our money for the support of the Church, both the universal and the local Church (Diocese and parish). Money is the life blood of society, from the individual to family to institutions to the State. The Church of Jesus Christ is both invisible and visible. The life blood of the invisible Church is the Holy Spirit. But the Church is also a physical reality with structures and institutions. For the Church in its physical reality to not only survive, but most importantly to carry out her mission of saving souls, she needs money. Being aware of the basic truth I mentioned above, each one of us has a grave responsibility to support the Church financially according to the gifts God has given each. It’s most important to understand that financially supporting the Church is really an act of worship of God and cannot be separated from our worship at Mass. Both are necessary. One without the other is not really true worship as God commanded us. True worship is acknowledging God as the source of everything, my being, my life, my faith, my friendships, my family, my sustenance etc. Out of this acknowledgment springs a deep thankfulness. The word “Eucharist”, another name given to the Mass, means “thankfulness”. Worshiping God by celebrating the Mass is incomplete worship if we are not expressing our deep thankfulness in other ways including financially supporting the Church. This is so important to understand. Supporting the Church financially is an act of faith and worship. Everything we have and are comes from the loving and caring Father, and we are called to share these gifts with others. The apostle Paul tells us to put on the mind of Christ (Phil.2,5). The mind of Christ is to be servant and use everything for the praise and glory of the Father


With this basic catechesis, I encourage all those who do not yet contribute regularly to the support of the Church (the diocese and parish), to do so. There are two ways to do this, either to arrange with your bank to transfer a certain amount every month (or every other month or ½ year - whatever you find best) to the parish account in EIK bank: 9181 150.515.9 or to sign up with the Diocesan Church Tax program. You can do this either by contacting me, your pastor, or by going to the Diocesan homepage at: www.katolsk.dk/kirkeskat.


Since Mariukirkjan is a part of the Diocese, we must also contribute to the Diocese. The parish contribution to the Diocese is 22% to the salaries and care of the clergy and 15% to Diocesan activities. 63% remain in the parish. The contribution to the Diocese is taken from the parish’s total income.


Even though you contribute in one of the above ways, I encourage you to continue to contribute to the collection at Mass. This act unites us very concretely to Christ’s sacrifice to the Father, which is taking place on the altar.


Let us always remember that everything we do with money much always be motivated to further and make visible the Kingdom of God, the reign of Jesus Christ. Let us always be generous with our money as well as our time and in serving our fellow human beings.


Finally, so that you not only do what your pastor preaches, but also do what he does. I can tell you that I’m a member of the Diocesan Church Tax program and I also contribute to the ordinary and extraordinary collections.

And finally again, I thank all those in the parish who faithfully contribute regularly with a definite amount to the Church’s economy. This means so much.

God bless and love you.

Paul Marx omi

parish priest




Besides the Sunday collections, there are six special collections stipulated by the Diocese. They are:


1- The Faroese Bible Institute - 1st Sunday in January

2- The Holy Land - Good Friday

3- Bonifatius Werk - Holy Trinity Sunday

4- Caritas - last Sunday in August

5- Catholic Social Work - 3rd Sunday in September

6- World Mission Collection - last Sunday in October

7- Peter’s Pence - Sunday after the 9th of November


I have noticed that you are very generous in your contribution to these collections. Your generosity is pleasing to God.