KATÓLSKA KIRKJAN, Tórshavn, Føroyar  (Faroe Islands)

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The Church celebrated a short while ago Pentecost, that fantastic and powerful truth and event, which took place 10 days after Jesus Christ ascended to His Father in Heaven with his glorified body. Before he left this earth to sit at His Father’s right hand, He told his disciple to wait until they received the Holy Spirit, that Spirt, which John the Baptist already for more than three years earlier had said of Jesus, that He would baptize with the Holy Spirit and fire. The Holy Spirit came down upon the disciples gathered together with Mary, the mother of Jesus in their midst as a powerful wind and tongues of fire, two powerful symbols, which tell us not so much who the Holy Spirit is, but more of what He does. The first thing we notice after the outpouring of the Holy Spirit is, that the disciples are no longer afraid, but leave the house filled with joy and begin to boldly tell of the great deeds God has done through Jesus of Nazareth. Peter’s first sermon was so powerful, that more than 3000 people opened their hearts in repentance and confession of their sins and were baptized.

What does the Holy Spirit do with us who have put our faith in Jesus? He transforms us from being just “ordinary” people to being divine people, that is, to participate in God’s own life, to being God’s sons and daughters. “Divine” means that now man is like God, that is, self-giving love. Christ-people (Christians) are God’s concrete picture in the world. This is our reality, our identity, so let us expressed this reality in everything we say, do, feel, think, indeed in everyone of our relationships. When we fall back into being “ordinary” that is when we sin, the merciful God has given us the sacrament of penance, which with genuine repentence and true confession of sin on our part, leads us back to our divine innocence.

I wish you a joy-filled and powerful and fiery Pentecost.


Paul Marx,omi

parish priest




Joy-filled events:


Sunday the 29th of January Hans Emil Poliran Hansen, son of Anecita Poliran Hansen and Jóhan Hansen was baptized and thus grafted into the living body of Jesus Christ, the Church, and became a child of God the Father. We wish his parents a hearty congratulations with their son’s baptism.

Easter Sunday during Holy Mass we had the great joy of receiving Janus Dam Guttesen into the Catholic Church’ full fellowship. After having proclaimed the Catholic faith, Janus received the sacrament of Confirmation, which completed his baptism. Reception was completed with Janus’ reception of the most holy Eucharist. We welcome heartily and warmly into the full fellowship of the Catholic Church.

Pentecost Sunday Hanna Mikkelsen received the sacrament of Confirmation and thus completed her baptismal covenant. Hanna was received into the full fellowship of the Catholic Church back in October 2016. A hearty and warm congratulations to Hanna, who now has experienced her personal Pentecost.



A great gift:


The parish council of Argir Kirke has given us their church’ old pipeorgan. The organ replaces our present small organ. During these days after Pentecost Sunday, the installation of the organ is being completed. It is a great gift we have received from Argir Kirke, and we extend our heartfelt thanks both to the parish council and the other church authorities, who so willingly have said yes to give the gift.



Special collections:

Good Friday collection April 14 brought in 2,280,00 crowns.

Collection for the Diocesan Seminarians May 7 brought in 2,350.00 crowns.



Coming special collections:

June 4: Faroese Biblical Society

June 18: Bonifatiuswerk

August 17: Caritas

September 24: Catholic Social Work

October 29: World Mission collection

November 12: Peter’s Pence