KATÓLSKA KIRKJAN, Tórshavn, Føroyar  (Faroe Islands)

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Watch and pray! This is the earnest command of Jesus to His disciples. Living a genuine Catholic life is extremely serious business, because upon it depends our external salvation. What is a genuine Catholic life? It’s a life of sacrificial love, the total giving of oneself to Jesus Christ by being there for the other. It’s a life of holiness, that is, heeding God’s repeated command to be holy as He Himself is holy. It’s being a real saint. This doesn’t necessarily mean doing the exact same deeds as the saints, but being like them, that is, being filled with the Spirit of Jesus. The Holy Spirit is the power, strength and motivation behind everything you do, think, feel, say. And it’s through the Spirit, that we do deeds that always reflect Christ and thus glorify God. This sounds like a tall order, and it is. Yet, it’s the command of the Lord. Do we take it seriously, or do we give up or are we just satisfied with being only a good person? We must take it seriously, because our eternal salvation is totally dependent upon being a saint. But this is totally impossible, you may say and you are right. But for God nothing is impossible. The Lord gently asks us to open the door to our heart and let Him come in and fill us with His presence. It’s the Lord’s Holy Spirit that transforms us into saints. Our task is always to keep the heart’s door open to Him. How is this done? All the saints, who are our big brothers and sisters in heaven, tell us the means - frequent reception of the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist (Holy Mass) and Confession, reading the holy Scriptures, daily prayer, acts of penance and almsgiving. The number one prerequisite is always the avoidance of sin, because sin among other things weighs down the soul, dulls the mind from seeing truth clearly and weakens the will from choosing the good. Yes, the Lord’s demands are impossible, yet His Holy Spirit causes us to meet them and thus causes us to be more than ourselves - to be saints.

We are in the Advent season, the four weeks of perparation leading up to celebrating the birth of Christ. It’s the season of being faithful servants waiting for their master’s return. Christ is coming again. This is a certain fact, and in the meantime Watch and pray!

I wish all a blessed Advent.


Paul Marx,omi

parish priest





Election of a new parish council: The 18th of March next year there will be held a Diocesan-wide election to new parish councils. For us, we are to elect 4 members. Everyone who turns age 16 by the 18th of March is eligible to both vote and to be nominated as a candidate. However, to be eligible for nomination there are some conditions. First of all, if one is married, that the marriage is recognized by the Church as valid. Also those who live in a marriage-like relation but are not married cannot be nominated. Secondly, that one contributes financially on a regular basis either directly to the parish or to the Diocese. The first condition is important since one of the Church’s most important tasks is to defend and protect marriage as a sacrament instituted by Christ. Since both the parish and the Diocese are totally dependent upon its members financial support in order to exist, it’s obvious that one cannot have a entrusted position in the parish if one does not contribute to its existence.

More information concerning the election will be available in the weeks ahead up to the election.

Caritas: As I mentioned above in my Advent message, one of the effective means to true holiness it to give alms. Caritas encourages us during this Advent tide to support its Advent campaign to collect funds that will go to guaranteeing that girls in Northeast India get regular schooling. In the church’ entrance you will find a collection container on a small table for this purpose. Contributing to Caritas’ campaign is an excellent way of practicing alms-giving.


Parish priest: I just want to tell you that my hip-replacement operation, which took place on the 12th of September and thus hindered me from being here as planned from the 25th of August to the 21st of September, was very successful.