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Advent, the four weeks before Christmas, is here once again. It’s a season of preparation to receive Christ, the incarnate God, at His first coming, which took place in Bethehem in Palestine more than 2000 years ago, His second coming at the end of time, for which we are awaiting with great expectation, and for His coming in between these two comings, that is, His coming right now in the sacraments, especially the Holy Mass.


Preparation to receive Christ always involves a fundamental change of heart through acts of penance along with living in hope. Penance and hope are the marks of Advent. Advent is a penitential period in the Church year, but not as intense as Lent. Fr. Lawrence Smith, the pastor of St.Raphael’s Chapel in Silver Cliff in Wisconsin, USA, marks the differences between Advent and Lent as penitential seasons.

He writes: “Advent is the time to make ready for Christ to live with us. Lent is the time to make us ready to die with Christ. Advent makes Lent possible. Lent makes salvation possible. Advent is the time when eternity approaches earth. Lent is the time when time reaches consummation in Christ’s eternal Sacrifice to the Father. Advent leads to Christ’s life in time on earth. Lent leads to Christ’s eternal Life in Heaven. The Cross—through the Mass, penance, and mortification— is the bridge connecting Advent and Lent, Christ and His Church, man and God.

Each of the Church’s penitential seasons is a dying to the world with the goal of attaining new life in Christ.”

Catholic apologist Jacob Michael writes:”...what Christians do (or should be doing!) during Advent and leading up to Christmas is a foreshadowing of what they will do during the days of their lives that lead up to the Second Coming; what non-Christians refuse to do during Advent, and put off until after Christmas, is precisely a foreshadowing of what they will experience at the Second Coming.

We Christians are to prepare for the Coming of Christ before He actually comes—and that Coming is symbolized and recalled at Christmas. Non-Christians miss this season of preparation (advent), and then scramble for six days after the 25th of Dec. to make their resolutions. By then, however, it’s too late—Christmas has come and gone. Our Lord has already made His visitation to the earth, and He has found them unprepared. This is precisely what will take place at the Second Coming, when those who have put off the necessary preparations for their entire lives will suddenly be scrambling to put their affairs in order. Unfortunately, by then it will have been too late, and there will be no time for repentance and a change of life. The Second Coming will be less forgiving than the Incarnation (First Coming). There will be no four-week warning period before the Second Coming, like we get during Advent. There will be no six-day period of grace after the Second Coming during which to make resolutions and self-examination, like the secular world does from Dec.26 until Jan.1"

It is an absolute certainty, that Jesus will come again and this time with power and glory to judge each one according to his/her deeds (Mt.16,27). This fact is more certain than the fact that each man must die. Therefore, it is of the utmost urgency to be mindful of Christ’s command and to obey it with all one’s heart: “You also must be prepared, for at an hour you do not expect, the Son of Man will come” (Lk 12,40).

With these insights and urgent summons I wish all in St. Mary’s parish a fruitful and joy-filled Advent.




Paul Marx,omi

parish priest




Confession: The season of Advent is a special opportunity to confess our sins in the Sacrament of Confession, and thus open ourselves to God´s love with a pure heart. Avail yourself of the possibility to celebrate the sacrament before Mass every Sunday or by appointment with me or at thefollowing times in the church:

Every Sunday      9,45 a.m. - 10,45 a.m.

Christmas Day     9,45 a.m. - 10,45 a.m.

New Year’s Day   9,45 a.m. - 10,45 a.m.