KATÓLSKA KIRKJAN, Tórshavn, Føroyar  (Faroe Islands)

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Christmas 2017
Advent 2017
30 Year Jubilee
Pentecost 2017
Easter 2017
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Even though Holy Week and Easter Sunday have been celebrated, we are still in the time of Easter, the 50 days between Easter Sunday and Pentecost Sunday. That which we have celebrated and in fact, that which we celebrate every single Sunday is the greatest even ever in human history, namely, the trial, death sentence, crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus of Nazaret, That which makes this historical event so vastly different from all other historical events er the fact that Jesus of Nazaret is God Himself. By his death and resurrection, Jesus has liberated mankind from the total tyranny of sin and death and the powers of Hell, and  thereby has given all peoples a future and a new hope. Sin, which is the most terrible and brutal reality, that is found in the human heart, the cause of all evil and whose fruit is death, not only the death of the body but also of soul and spirit, has been forgiven and destroyed, and the door to God’s most intimate life has been opened. This er what Christians, we, celebrate, not only as a feast of remembrance, but as a real event that takes place right now. The liturgical ceremonies and rituals, that surround the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus, make the event present. We participate in the event, a participation that is totally dec
isive for the content and meaning of our lives. Participation in the Church’s liturgies has the greatest meaning for our personal development as genuine human beings.

Let us become more conscious of the truth, that everyone, who puts his/her faith in Jesus Christ as the crucified and resurrected Lord and God, is a temple of the Holy Spirit, and together make up the living and mystical body of Christ, God’s holy, beloved and chosen people in the world. None of us can dismiss this reality and say that it has no relevance or purpose for life. When we gather around the Word of the Lord and His sacred altar at the celebration of the sacred Eucharist, we bring the right worship and praise to God the Father. We are the brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ, the Father’s children.. When we can see each other in this light and worship God together, we receive a joy and an inner strength, of which all of us are in absolute need.


I wish all a joy-filled, blessed and holy Eastertide.


Paul Marx,omi

parish priest



A joyful event

Easter Sumday during Holy Mass we in St.Mary's church had the great joy of receiving Janus Dam Guttesen into the full fellowship of the Catholic Church. After proclaiming the Catholic faith, Janus received the sacrament of Confirmation which completed his baptism. Reception was brought to completion when he received the sacrament of unity, the real body and blood of Jesus Christ in Holy Communion. We warmly and graciously welcome Janus into the fullness of the Catholic fellowship.