KATÓLSKA KIRKJAN, Tórshavn, Føroyar  (Faroe Islands)

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Lent 2
Lent 2018
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Lent 2


Pope Francis says that simple acts of charity are concrete manifestations of love during Lent, acts of building our house on solid rock. Lent is an opportunity to grow in holiness, to mature more and more into a genuine human being and to bring life to others. Such simple acts of charity, the building blocks of our house, can be: *

SMILE - a Christ-person is a joy-filled person.

CREATE a peace-filled atmosphere around yourself.

LISTEN to other people’s stories without taking over to tell your stories.

CELEBRATE the qualities or success of others, thus avoiding envy or jealousy.

And then consider fasting in these ways:

FAST on offensive words and transit only words that build up, encourage, edify, comfort, warm.

FAST on dissatisfaction and fill yourself with gratitude.

FAST on anger and fill yourself with meekness and patience.

FAST on worries and be filled with confidence in God.

FAST on stress and fill yourself with prayer.

FAST on selfishness, and be filled with compassion for others.

FAST on words and fill yourself with silence and readiness to listen to others.

With these few further thoughts on this holy season of Lent I wish all of you a continued blessed and holy Lent.

Paul Marx,omi

Parish priest


* From an article by Francis Mary, 1 March 2017


Good Friday’s Collection

A collection for the Holy Land is taken up in all Catholic Churches on Good Friday. The purpose of the collection is to provide financial means for the preservation and maintenance of the holy places in Palestine, where the salvation of the human race took place in time. The holy places are extremely important for our faith in Jesus Christ, the one sent by God to the world. Or as Ignaca Card.Moussa Daoud, Prefect emeritus for the Congregation for the Oriental Churches wrote in his letter in 2005 to the world’s bishops, “it (collection) aims to promote among the Christian faithful a love for the Land of the Lord. For the Church to survive there it must rely upon a loving and nurturing solidarity on the part of each Christian; a solidarity which bears witness to faith in him who was born in that Land, who preached the Gospel there and who also died and was resurrected there.”

Let us be generous in supporting this work of the Church.


Remember: the giving of alms is one of the three main exercises of penance. Supporting the Church’s efforts in the Holy Land and the Bishops’ Lenten Caritas compaign is a good lenten act of penance.For those, who cannot be present at the Good Friday liturgy, you are encouraged to send your contribution to the Chancery Office’s giro account: 500-1471 marked “Holy Land”.



Confession: Lent and Easter time is a special opportunity to confess our sins in the Sacrament of Confession, and thus open ourselves to God´s love with a pure heart. Avail yourself of the possibility to celebrate the sacrament before Mass every Sunday or by appointment with me or at the following times in the church:


Every Sunday - 09,45 a.m.-10,45 a.m.

Holy Thursday - 3,45 p.m.-4,45 p.m.

Good Friday - 1,45 p.m.-2,45 p.m.

Holy Saturday - 10,30 a.m.-11,30 a.m. and 8,45 p.m.-9,45 p.m.

Easter Sunday - 9,45 a.m.-10,45 a.m


REMEMBER: We change to daylight saving time at 2 a.m. Sunday morning the 25th of March, that is, the clock is set one hour forward.


Palm Sunday the 25th of March Faroese t.v. will be coming to video the Mass.