KATÓLSKA KIRKJAN, Tórshavn, Føroyar  (Faroe Islands)

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Easter 2019



The New Saint Joseph Weekday Missal published by Catholic Book Publishing Co. in New Jersey,USA, has a good meditation over the Easter season, which I want to share with you. It speaks to me, and I’m sure it will speak to you. I quote:

According to the purpose of God’s will, we are predestined to grow into the full realization of that divine plan (as Paul formulated in his letter to the Church in Ephesus:’Before the world’s foundation was laid, He chose us in him to be holy and blameless in His sight, to be full of love; He likewise predestined us through Jesus Christ to be His adopted sons...’ Eph.1,4-5,my own insertion), presupposing the cooperation we have given during Lent. In Christ all will be made to live - but each in his or her own turn...

It is through faith and baptism that we now share in Christ’s glorious Resurrection, till we fully share in it by partaking in His Ascension into heaven. ....

After we had heard the Good News of our salvation and believed in it, we were sealed with the Holy Spirit. The feast of Pentecost celebrates the outpouring of this pledge of our inheritance.

...Easter, Ascension, and Pentecost are not past but present to us. ....

There is no Easter victory unless there is a personal victory in which love becomes stronger than hate, moving us to forgive each other and to live together in mutual respect and brotherhood. If we are ‘Easter people’, as St.Augustine called us, we should also be a joyous people. There is no reason for prolonged sadness at life’s defeats or the end that death brings to our visible existence. Easter is a reminder that death has lost its victory and its sting. Sin will always be with us, but the knowledge that this man Jesus seeks out sinners and eats with them,...,will lead us to show our gratitude in a good life and a glad heart” (vol.I, pp.705-6).

With these thoughts from the Saint Joseph Weekday Missal I wish all of you a very joyfilled and holy Easter and Easter season.

 Paul Marx,omi

 Parish priest


First Holy Communion

On the second Sunday of Easter, Mercy Sunday, we celebrated the great and joyous event during Holy Mass of four children receiving for the first time in their lives the sacred Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ in Holy Communion. These four were:


Petra Jónsdóttir Hansen

Teresa Colite Dahl

Diana Huete Olsen

Taida Thomsen


On behalf of the entire parish and my own I wish these four children along with their parents a warm and heartfelt congratulations. God’s rich blessings be upon and in them.

Good Fridag collection

The collection taken up on Good Friday for the benefit of the Holy Land amounted to kr.2862.

Parish pilgrimage

Last year after a pause of many years, the parish again took up walking on a pilgrimage, a holy event that was very popular in the Faroes before the Reformation. We followed part of an ancient pilgrimage in Gåsedalur to the ruins of St.Thorlak’s chapel. It was a successful pilgrimage. I’m thinking that we as a parish could again walk another pilgramage. A possible pilgrimage could to be to ruins of Magnus church in Kirkjubøur. It could take place on Sunday the 18th of August, when the Church celebrates the solemn feast of Mary’s assumption, body and soul, into heaven. I mention the possibility of a pilgrimage later in the year as something you can have in mind. We are a little group who are looking more into this.

Preparation for First Communion 2020

Sr.Florence would like to begin the preparation for First Communion for the next group of children. You parents who have children 7 years old and older, who have not yet received their first communion, please contact Sr.Florence. She plans to begin instructions in September.

Farewell to Sr.Yolanda

Sr.Yolanda, who came to us three years ago to serve the Philippine group in the parish, left Monday the 29th of April. She returned to her original province of the FMM Sisters in the Philippines. She was sent to us for a three year period. Now that time has come to an end. On behalf of the parish and myself, I thank Sr.Yolanda for all the good work, she has done for the parish. It will be remembered with joy. We wish her the rich blessing of God, as she begins her new mission in the service of the Church.