KATÓLSKA KIRKJAN, Tórshavn, Føroyar  (Faroe Islands)

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90 ár!
Sankta Frans
Summarlega 2019
Altarsins sakramenti
Frans í Assisi




sunnudagin 27. mai




Sunday, 27th. May




Parishioners, Jon and Janus, organised the pilgrimage to Gásadalur. Here, Sr. Cecilia and Janus are seen making the medieval tent which would be used during Mass.


To begin, Fr. Paul gave a small talk, reminding us that we are all pilgrims on Earth and that this journey would be a meditation on the meaning of our lives as pilgrims.


About 65 people participated in the pilgrimage,

including many families and friends from other denominations.


The farmer from Gásadalur led the group through the mountain valley. We were told that the pilgrimage route was a short and easy walk. That was debatable!


It was definitely enjoyable: good weather and good company!




Our first prayer stop: Jon explains the history of "Kyrjarheygg", site of a pre-reformation Catholic chapel. People came here to seek the intercession of St. Thorlak.


 They also sought God´s mercy, singing the Greek words, "Kyrie eleison" (Lord, have mercy) which rang out through the valley again that day as the pilgrims sang together.


The Sunday Eucharist was celebrated outdoors at "Bønhusfløtt", Gásadalur. It is the site of a pre-reformation Catholic church, the foundations of which are under the soil.


An icon of St. Thorlak hangs to the right of the tent. A relic is located within an external wall of the cathedral in Kirkjubøur.



After Mass, participants enjoyed a picnic supper together,

some of which was provided by a parishioner and prepared by members of Jon´s family.



Many, many thanks to all who made this pilgrimage possible and to all who turned up and participated!