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90 ár!
Sankta Frans
Summarlega 2019
Altarsins sakramenti
Frans í Assisi




í Mariukirkjuni

sunnudagin 7. oktober





Sunday, 7th. October



St. Francis of Assisi is very dear to the Catholic community on the Faroe Islands, not least because of the presence of our Franciscan sisters here amongst us. With special permission from our bishop, the Feast of St. Francis is celebrated each year as a solemn feast of the Sunday nearest 4th. October.



St. Francis (1182-1226) is best known for his love of animals, but there is such much more to him than that!



This year, Sr. Maria gave a talk after church coffee, which followed the Sunday Mass. This Sunday was also the Sunday for the Children´s Mass. Her talk centred on three central questions and used her artwork as a medium to tell the story.


Who is St. Francis? What was the context in which he lived?

How can St. Francis inspire and teach us today?



The youthful, carefree, wealthy troubadour in the company of his friends in Assisi!



Becoming a prisoner-of-war in Perugia for a year marks the beginning of his conversion.




Returning alone from Spoletto after a vision in which he was asked: "Is it better to serve the Lord or the servant?" From now on, he would only seek and serve God.



Praying before the Crucifix of San Damiano, he hears the words: "Francis, re-build my Church. As you see, it is falling into ruin". He began to re-build the broken down church of St. Damiano. He would go on to renew the whole Church.



Standing naked before his father, he says, "From now on, I have only one father: my Father in Heaven". He then embraced a life of simplicity, poverty and joy.



Francis embraces the leper, a person whom he had formely feared and despised: "The Lord led me among lepers..." He would live amongst them for two years.



Men and women from every walk of life, inspired by him, become Franciscan brothers, sisters and lay missionaries all over the world, right up to our own day. They include St. Clare of Assisi, his most faithful disciple (1193-1253).



"Preach the Gospel with your lives.

Use words, if you most."




The Canticle of Brother Sun in which he calls the elements his brothers and sisters. He respected every man, woman and living creature as his brother and sister, created and sustained by God, the Father of all creation.




Sr. Maria in full swing!





Recommended reading:

 Frans í Assisi, available from Bókadeild KFUM


 Laudato Si - On Care for Our Common Home

by Pope Francis,

available online here in eight languages.



Video: Laudato Si - On Care of Our Common Home  (6.mins)with short texts in Italian, English and Spanish.





While the adults attended the conference, the children learned about St. Francis from David and Sr. Florence at Sunday school, which was held in "Kerit".




St. Francis with some of his brother and sister animals.




The Crucifix of San Damiano before which St. Francis prayed.





St. Francis receives the Stigmata (the wounds of Christ on his body) two years before his death.




David reads about the life of St. Francis from the book, "Frans í Assisi", while the children listen and colour pictures depicting scenes from his life.